Back in March 2013, Michael Fiore and Claire Casey contacted me to inquire if I would be willing to write an overview of their newly created relationship product in a series of informative Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever reviews.

At that time, I respectfully declined as I felt it was far too early to write a fair and honest review of such a newly created product as it had only been on the market for just a couple of months during a testing phase. Even though the results and feedback started pouring in shortly after the Capture His Heart PDF was released, most all of them were very positive. Still, I felt it would be best to get a more honest picture after a few months had passed as more women would have the opportunity to report their own results.

Typically, when a product like Claire Casey’s Capture His Heart hits the marketplace, it usually takes 6-8 months before a true picture develops that determines whether the product is considered a success or failure among consumers.

Over the last several months, I have carefully studied all the material and have interviewed over 100 women who have purchased and used the Capture His Heart program. Only after such an exhaustive study, I now feel fully qualified and prepared to report some amazing discoveries I have found along the way.

How Does Capture His Heart Work?

There always seems to be just a few little nuances that make all the difference of whether a product is truly useful to the people it was created to help or whether it is just another useless product destined to fail and disappoint.

In this case however, 4 key elements have evolved from Capture His Heart to make it an overwhelming success amongst a broad range of women from every conceivable age group and demographic. You will not want to miss these “4 secrets” as many women have described them. They are the real difference of whether or not you will find the right man and make him love you forever.

1. How to Get Any Man to Notice You

Before any relationship can begin, a man has to notice you. So let’s take a look at what most women have said surprised them the most about what they should do to make sure they are noticed ONLY by men they are attracted to.

If you are guessing physical beauty, great personality, slim figure, or youthful appearance, is what it takes to get a man’s attention, you would be wrong. Studies overwhelmingly prove that most of those traits are not top priorities for the kind of man that is worth you pursuing and deserving of your affection.

Unknown to most women, men of this caliber are strongly attracted to women who know how to relax and just “be themselves”, and are confident and comfortable with who they are. This in and by itself can often times create an environment that will help a man relax and make him want to connect with you on a deeper emotional level. All of a sudden you will become attractive to him and he will naturally want to learn more about you.

Without exception, almost every woman interviewed agreed that this was the most important step that always made the man she desired to “sit up and take notice” and started things off on solid ground.

If you have trouble with nervousness and need help in this area, Claire Casey does an excellent job in helping you to learn to relax and display your true inner self with confidence.


2. How to Appear Independent and Self Reliant?

Honestly think about this question. Have you ever been guilty of continually coming across as “needy” in the beginning stages of your past relationships with men? If so, join the crowd. Let’s face it, we all have needs and we all have baggage unless we were just born yesterday.

It’s really about how we react to those inner feelings and tendencies that sometimes causes us to “appear needy” that is so critical in the beginning stages of a relationship.

Remember this if nothing else, a real man wants to fulfill your needs but never wants to feel like he has to fulfill them in order to get a relationship with you off the ground.

This has been the #1 downfall of so many women we interviewed in trying to attract their ideal man. Displaying genuine confidence and self reliance is not at all threatening to a man with his head screwed on straight. It is only threatening to a desperate man looking for someone to take care of him.

The more confident you are the more beautiful you become to him and his desire to chase you greatly increases. If you have struggled in this area, no worries because Claire outlines step by step examples of exactly how to find that perfect balance that the truly great guys are looking for.

Word of Warning: You need to keep it in perspective and don’t become cocky and arrogant as that can turn men off and drive them away.

3. Discover How to Be An Emotionally Mature Women!

If you are coming off a messy divorce or hurtful breakup it can be very difficult to keep your emotions in check moving forward. However, it is possible to successfully move into your next relationship without your past having much, if any, of a harmful effect on you or your prospective soul mate.

Having someone to help you through your past hurts and failures can be a huge asset but making the mistake of having the man you truly desire filling that role right from “jump street” could prove to be disastrous in most cases.

To immediately lean on him as your emotional sounding board and force him into the role of becoming your “Knight in Shining Armor” is not a wise move. If handled right, that should happen naturally anyway.

In the initial stages, “holding it together” and giving him a chance to see your silent inner strength is incredibly attractive to a man.

He will be aware of your past hurts soon enough and not only will he be better equipped to handle them, but will want to help you heal and prosper in a new and healthy relationship with him.

Claire Casey’s infamous “Anchor Technique” describes in detail exactly how to accomplish this as just one more of the many ways to capture his heart.


4. How To Win His Heart Forever!

I’d bet that sometime in your life you have witnessed an incredible man just clinging to a woman that seems to be very average or below in every way. It’s as if she has some magical spell on him. I have seen this more times than once and if you’re anything like me, you were left shaking your head and wondering what she knows that the rest of us don’t.

Well, it’s not really magic at all. She has simply learned the correct ways to capture his heart which will make him place a VERY HIGH VALUE on their relationship to the point that he cannot even entertain the thought of losing her. Consequently, all of his desire and attention is directed exclusively on her.

The good news is that Claire Casey’s techniques and guidance can not only teach you how to find your “ideal man”, but how to insure that he will value his relationship with you far beyond anything he has ever experienced before.

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